We help you reimagine marketing

Ubiquity Lab helps you transform your marketing into a business investment.


Ubiquity Lab helps you create meaningful experiences, in a way you can monetise to accelerate growth. Content marketing is at our core. It's the conduit between customers, brand, performance marketing, and commercial outcomes.

Ubiquity Lab is a full-service consultancy that partners with you to develop a customer-led strategy across paid, owned and earned channels to fast-track growth.

By integrating customer insights, thought leadership, content marketing strategy, search engine optimisation (SEO) and sophisticated distribution, Ubiquity Lab empowers you to build a trusted audience that actively engages with you. And we leverage technology to automate manual processes – enabling you to monetise your operation.

How to win customers

The future of content-led marketing

The reality is, this intersection is the 'here and now'. This isn't a campaign framework. It's an integrated ecosystem that delivers superior customer experiences.

Content is the 'blood' that pulses through marketing's 'body'. It's the lynchpin of a broader customer attraction and satisfaction strategy that delivers a continual flow of revenue.

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"Matt led a content marketing transformation at Bupa, embedding it within our DNA. In a world of disruption and commoditisation, winning ‘hearts and minds’ is essential given customers are no longer choosing on the ‘what’.”

- Jane Power, Bupa Chief Marketing and Customer Officer


"I'd put Matt Allison in the pantheon of Content Marketing thought leaders that includes Ann Handley, Joe Pullizzi, Robert Rose and Andrew Davis."

- Justin Kirby, Co-author of The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing.

How Ubiquity Lab helps you

We’ve developed the formula to operationalise the customer-led model – we’ve done it before and we can help you do it too. Ubiquity Lab's full-service solution helps you lay the strategic foundations to create content-led experiences people love. We do this through:

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Ubiquity Lab specialises in five interconnected areas

The building blocks to reach, engage and nurture your audiences at each stage of the customer journey:


Content Marketing

We align content strategy to business outcomes and help you build a sustainable operating model. We also create an actionable roadmap that aligns vision with initiatives, processes and resources.


Search engine optimisation (SEO)

If you want to become the ‘destination’ and build a loyal audience, SEO is essential. We provide insights to inform your content, so it drives traffic and is relevant to search engines. Our approach is customer-centric – we deep dive on your target audience’s search patterns and journeys.



We help you build the right content distribution strategy, governance, and operating model across social, influencers and EDMs. Simply producing content and hoping someone will find it, engage with it, and ultimately purchase is not realistic.


Thought Leadership

Our speciality is finding the thought leadership nexus between business outcomes and customer needs, so we can create a pipeline of customers and stakeholders that actively want to engage with you.



Automation enables you to deliver marketing with personalised precision, and in the most cost-effective manner. Whether it’s lead scoring or streamlining workflows, or using technology to aggregate data and  provide actionable insights, we have the right experts and vendors to meet your requirements.

We help you create content-led experiences people love.