We deliver interactive content marketing workshops on-site at your organisation and at events. These hands-on sessions provide you with the confidence and capability to drive traffic, leads, and sales for your organisation. 


Workshops vary in duration - from three hours to multi-day - and are customised to meet specific organisational needs. While no two courses are the same, they provide you with the frameworks, insights and resources to empower your inner content marketer. 

Each course takes you under the hood of one of the savviest content brands in your category. Additionally, it can be tailored to include elements such as: Content 'what, why and how'; developing a content strategy; keyword and competitor research; ideation matched to the buyer journey; content distribution, measurement and ROI; and lead scoring. 

Session for more mature groups have included elements like the interdependence of content and purpose, as well as rapid prototyping sessions to solve existing challenges.