Benchmark your strategic and operational capability

Our free assessment identifies exactly where your organisation sits on our 'Ecosystem maturity benchmark'. This is based on the formula we've created to help organisations operationalise the customer-led ecosystem.


The benchmark analyses what you're doing - quantitative - and how well you're doing it - qualitative - across paid, owned and earned channels. 

The unbiased insight outlines your current capability, including any critical elements that may impede your ability to move to the next maturity phase. Additionally, it helps identify the priorities required to deliver an integrated customer ecosystem. 

Our methodology has been developed to deliver tangible business value. And the best part is it's completely free, with no strings attached. The recommendations are yours to keep and act on, regardless of whether we work together.

  • Basic content strategy

  • Outcome focussed, not activity

  • Limited channels

  • Not aligned to business goals

  • Formalise strategy and operating model

  • Team forced

  • Basic measurement framework

  • Content channel agnostic

  • Content optimised for SEO, social and digital

  • Brand content and performance integration

  • Automation across POE

  • Earned media importance increases

  • Manual tasks automated

  • Data collected

  • Tech enables operation/distribution - MRM

  • Audience segments and buyer journeys

  • Lead scoring

  • Monetise content

  • Content-led MKT ecosystem

  • UGC outpaces owned

  • Content may have P&L

  • Data/community enables reduction in paid spend

  • Full automation

  • Personalisation

  • Attribution

  • CRM integration