Beer, babies and belief

After running at breakneck speed for the last few months, I finally got to slow down over the Christmas break.

I spent a lot of time winding down with family and friends. However, I also had a chance to reflect – often over a few beers – on this exciting new adventure that is Ubiquity Lab.

When I look back 2018, it was one hell of a year – particularly the second half.

I wrote a LinkedIn post titled ‘Innovator. Imposter. Optimist. Lunatic.’ in October last year where I admitted I had feelings of self-doubt, as well as questioned if I was mad walking away from my job to start a business.

But I believed in both the opportunity and the business model. And in hindsight this line from the original post was fairly salient:

"I believe we’re at a tipping point where the bulk of organisations are grappling with how to augment traditional marketing to create more meaningful customer experiences, in a way they can monetise.”

My ethos and driving force - ‘she’ instead of ‘he’ aside!

My ethos and driving force - ‘she’ instead of ‘he’ aside!

I've been lucky to have a raft of friends and mentors that have equally supported, challenged and cajoled me.

However, their overwhelming feedback has been remarkably similar: believe in yourself, and fight like crazy to make it happen.

While it’s still early days, this move was unequivocally the right one.

And while I’m the first to acknowledge this may be gratuitously self-indulgent, I wanted to highlight some of the key milestones of the last seven months or so.

  • Most importantly, our first child and an absolute little champion, Jack, was born in August.

  • We signed our first client in August, to whom we’ll forever be grateful – you know who you are ;-)

  • October saw the ‘official’ launch of my second baby, Ubiquity Lab. While not as cute as the first, it does tend to sleep better!

  • Since launching, we’ve partnered with a range of incredible companies: a global health company, bank, private equity firm, two NFPs, insurer, real estate group, city council and tech player.

    • Ubiquity Lab would be nothing without our clients. And it excites us every single day to work with you to change the customer paradigm, in a way that fast-tracks business success.

One of our first family outings with baby number one to celebrate a new business win.

One of our first family outings with baby number one to celebrate a new business win.

  • We’ve built a stable of killer partners and collaborators to service our ever-changing client requirements.

  • We moved into our new digs at 101 Collins Street. It’s amazing how much more ‘grown up’ it feels to go to an office, rather than working out of a home study (cum nursery!)

  • I delivered keynotes at four events, participated in 2 Q&As, and presented at three private functions - with the highlight being Mumbrella 360.

  • I’ve partnered with my fellow content marketing raconteur – and good mate – Trevor Young to start our cracking new podcast, ‘Engage+Grow’.

    • The first few episodes are already in the can, and we've had some incredible guests.

    • We’re aiming for this to hit the airwaves in the next month or so.

  • I had the pleasure of being a guest on three incredible marketing podcasts – Echo Junction, Brand News Room and Social Garden. And while I still hate the sound of my voice, I do love a deep-dive on content marketing, customer experience, and the broader paid, owned earned mix.

  • Behind the scenes, we’ve been collaborating with a super cool tech platform – more to come on this shortly!

  • We’ve hustled and delivered like our life depends on it – it does!

The other huge news – and hopefully this isn’t premature – is it looks like Ubiquity Lab will be teaming up with one of Australia’s true earned media guns to launch a pretty innovative new business arm in the next few months… watch this space!

All in all, it's been a bloody big year, and also a really cool and fulfilling one.

I’ve learnt a hell of a lot and am proud of the business we’re starting to build.

Bring on 2019.

Matt Allison is the Managing Director of Ubiquity Lab. Click here to sign up to our monthly EDM, or here to follow us on LinkedIn.

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